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Pia Fields was born in China in 1951 and lives in New York City since 1984. Before immigrating she was a news editor in Hong Kong and learned Chinese astrology meanwhile. She witnessed how her master used ancient astronomer Shao Kang Jie’s formula to predict people’s lives accurately. She contemplate the reason basing on quantum mechanics. She believes that our lives good or bad determined by our aura that were created by the time trait at our birth time. Nobody can get more than what our aura can sustain and the total sum we deserve, money, happy and health are fix. People over capture money would cause a sad or sick lives in some way or passing the suffering to their children. God, ghost and ET, not just in our faith or illusion, are real entities made by Ying. They basically are powerful than human beings and there for we should not force or stop people believe in their God and fight for that.

      Grew up in the Culture Revolution and major in economic Pia tends to concern about the world affair. In both of her books she attaches proposals about how to reduce government’s debts. Her experience in China allows her to view things above the box. She believes that government should use both the capital and socialist ideology to manage this world.

       She hopes our government turn tax payer’s fund to capital earning first but not simply distribute and print money. Investing infrastructures can only benefit some people in short turn. It helps nothing on cut down government’s expending in long term. She believe Government should involve to people’s lives such as arrange their shelter, health insurance and make them work for what they need. Set up living center can manage things easily.

        Government can reduce social security payments and home care expenses by providing shelters to the retired people and make them home care of each other (The younger one help the old one and exchange for service when they get old). The selling point in these proposals are: provide friendship, entertainments, courses and trips to residents and substitute their financial demanding. Successful means be able to use the least resource to maintain the most happiness and make the others happy. Pia challenges capitalist consumption and competition concepts which make people work like robots and spend money like idiots. She believes that changing the new generations’ seeking and change the whole world. Giving up capitalist ideology will reduce conflicts between countries and result in eliminate military budget. In this way we can cut down huge unnecessary expenses and save big money for our society. 

         In the book of “An Appeal to U.S Supreme court …” Pia fights for justice;

         In the book o “Why Life Event are Predestined….” Pia promotes a true.

         In both book she refers us better ways to manage this world: Government should learn how to use one fund to solve multiple problems. We should give people simple, happy and equal life without big spending.

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